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Selenite Unicorn Carving

Selenite Unicorn Carving

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*Selenite Unicorn Head Carving*

Height: 73.3mm

Length Nose to Mane: 70.8mm

Width at Widest Surface: 11.8mm

Weight: 2.9 oz



FORM AND STRUCTURE transparent or translucent crystals in a monoclinic system, forming in flat-faced tabular, bladed, or blocked formations twin crystals are common, sometimes in a shape called swallow-tail


clear with a pearl-like sheen on flat surfaces


Italy, Mexico, USA, but common around the world

RARITY easily obtained


2 (can be scratched with a fingernail)

PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL USES is a conductor of energy, and its cleansing effects can be strongly felt on the system

allows a flow of high frequency energy to permeate all the chakra centers, aligning them all with spiritual purpose

resonates powerfully with the crown chakra, enabling enhanced awareness of enlightenment


place a selenite blade over the crown of the head to open the crown chakra - if you are not experienced in crystal healing, only do this for a few moments;

ground the body by placing smoky quartz between the feet


place selenite in the home or in a meditation space to clear the energy

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