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Rhodonite Goddess Body Carving

Rhodonite Goddess Body Carving

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*Rhodonite Goddess Body Carving*

Weight: 6.9oz

Height: 78.9mm



FORM AND STRUCTURE triclinic system, rarely found as a crystalline form, more commonly as granular massive formations, with dark inclusions of manganese oxide


pink with darker streaks of brown or black


Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, USA

RARITY easily obtained



PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL USES a gentle but powerful healer of the physical body, supporting liver function and assisting detoxification

soothes the body where there is inflammation, so it is reputed to help rheumatoid arthritis

revitalizes the reproductive system and promotes fertility heals wounds, whether physical or emotional, and helps to ease shock, anxiety or mental overload


place over the heart chakra to ease emotional pain or over any area of the body that is experiencing inflammation can also be placed over the throat chakra to facilitate the expression of feelings from the heart chakra on the level of unconditional love


1) A gem remedy made with rhodonite 

2) Eases the symptoms of shock or anxiety

3) Place a piece beside the bed to soothe the mind and improve sleep quality

4) Wear a piece over the heart to enable loving communication

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