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Ocean Jasper Goddess in Maroon, Green & White

Ocean Jasper Goddess in Maroon, Green & White

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*Ocean Jasper Goddess in Maroon, Green & White*

Weight: 4.7oz

Height: 80.2mm



FORM AND STRUCTURE formed in igneous rocks and turned into microcrystalline quartz over millions of years trigonal system in massive formations


multicolored with specks or circles of pink, white, yellow, brown, green, or black




obtain from specialist crystal suppliers



PHYSICAL/EMOTIONAL USES brings joy, expansion, and renewed interest in life, dissolving negative moods eases depression and helps to lift the spirits

has a soothing effect on the nervous system and encourages deep relaxation

helps relieve the effects of chronic stress, reducing levels of adrenal exhaustion by supporting and energizing the solar plexus and sacral chakras


in healing layouts, place a piece over the solar plexus chakra to ease chronic stress patterns, or two pieces just under the rib cage, one on each side, over the kidneys and adrenal glands, with the person lying face down, to assist the body in recovering from adrenal overload


place in a meditation space to bring in positive energy


Ocean Jasper vs Sea Jasper

oceanvssea (1)

Ocean Jasper vs Sea Jasper... what is the difference? It's likely you've seen both available online and at crystal shops, likely right next to each other. If you have seen them, you've probably noted that they look pretty similar. So, what is the difference between Ocean Jasper and Sea Jasper?

Ocean Jasper vs Sea Jasper

If you love crystals or are an avid collector, you've likely run across and wondered what the difference was between Ocean Jasper vs Sea Jasper. The answer is, Ocean Jasper and Sea Jasper are very similar. In fact, they're pretty much the same mineral. It's just that one has a trademarked name and the other doesn't.

To break it down a litter further, Ocean Jasper is the trademarked name for a mineral that comes from a mine near Marovato on the Ambolobozo Peninsula of Madagascar that is owned by Paul Obenich.

Sea Jasper is similar to Ocean Jasper but is collected from the Madagascar Minerals mines found in the same area, just a short distance away.

Both are a spherulitic variety (spherulitic or spherulites is the name for the small, rounded formations you see on these crystals) of Chalcedony with Quartz and Feldspar forming the spherical (orbicular) structures. Background colors may be green, brown, cream, white, red, pink, or yellow, with orb-like inclusions in various colors and combinations.

That is the technical definition but what it boils down to is that the composition and metaphysical properties of both crystals are the same.

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