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Dream Amethyst Realistic Skull

Dream Amethyst Realistic Skull

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Dream Amethyst Realistic Skull

7lbs 1.4 oz

125mm High

165mm Long

What is Dream Amethyst?

Dream amethyst is a blend of amethyst and milky white quartz and comprises V-shaped bands or stripes. These bands form a clear triangular shape or chevron, which is why this stone is also known as chevron dream amethyst.

Dream Amethyst vs Amethyst

Both amethyst and dream amethyst are similar when it comes to their vibrations, energies, and metaphysical properties. However, these two differ in their physical characteristics.

While dream or chevron amethyst possesses its characteristic white quartz bands in V-shapes, the same cannot be said about regular amethyst stones. A chevron amethyst crystal is considered to be a more powerful variant of a regular amethyst crystal - it combines the stress-busting abilities of the amethyst and the metaphysical powers of quartz.

While regular amethyst stones are suitable as birthstones and general mood up-lifters, chevron or dream amethyst works strongly with the higher chakras, like our third eye and crown chakras. 

Dream Amethyst Benefits

Dream amethyst comes with startling and intense advantages that range from health and wellness benefits to spiritual and mental healing.

Dream Amethyst Healing

Many people believe in the intense healing capabilities of dream amethyst quartz. Dream amethyst is said to be an excellent natural tranquilizer, which brings relief from health conditions like insomnia, strain, and stress. It is also said to promote healthy sleep cycles.

It can help soothe irritability and balance frequent mood swings that rise from anxiety, fear, and anger. This gemstone is also said to help metabolism by balancing and boosting hormone production. Alternative medicine practitioners and reiki experts assert that dream amethyst crystal can also help in blood purification, alleviate lung disorders, soothe skin conditions, and promote overall health and immunity of the body.

Apart from promoting physical wellbeing, amethyst is also said to be good for spiritual and mental wellbeing. It is said to bring about spiritual upliftment. It is believed to cleanse the aura of negative vibrations and ensure the flow of positivity.

Believers also say that this precious gemstone can help open up our senses and intuition to be more receptive psychically. It can help us realize the presence of the higher energies around us and empower us to overcome mental suffering. 

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