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Amethyst Faceted Oval Ring in Sterling Silver

Amethyst Faceted Oval Ring in Sterling Silver

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*Amethyst Faceted Oval Ring in Sterling Silver*

*Adjustable Band 


*Handle with care; stones are primarily set with lapidary glue as prongs are visually decorative in nature and may not hold stone as firmly.



FORM AND STRUCTURE trigonal crystal system, forming long prismatic crystals with a six-sided pyramid at the point; also smaller clusters or large, enclosed masses (vugs) within metamorphic rocks


dark vivid purple, in a variety of shades, to pale lilac


Africa, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia, USA


easily obtained in a variety of shapes and sizes



PHYSICAL /EMOTIONAL USES popular as a purifying crystal, helping to ward off negative influences and protect from environmental stress

calms the nervous system and the brain, easing headaches and migraines

opens the third-eve and crown chakras, enhancing personal spiritual awareness


in crystal-healing layouts, place over the top of the head or on the third eye to expand conscious awareness

place a circle of eight pieces of amethyst around the body to create a protective field


wear or carry amethyst to help calm mental stress place under the pillow to improve the quality of sleep

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