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Agate & Amethyst Unicorn Carving

Agate & Amethyst Unicorn Carving

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*Agate & Amethyst Unicorn Carving*

Height with Horn: 132mm

Height without Horn: 108mm

Length Nose to Mane: 113mm

Width: 22.9mm

Weight: 13.7oz


Banded Agate Meaning

Also known as Layered Agate or “Earth Rainbow,” the core Banded Agate meaning is one of calm and organization.

Like the layers of silica, this stone is said to help you find order and organize every detail in your life. It’s not about becoming ultra coordinated or developing better scheduling habits. Banded Agate pushes you to prioritize the things that matter most.

The goal is to help you put all of the pieces of your life in the right place so that you can experience well-rounded living and peace. 

Everyone deals with a million little details in their day-to-day life. Some people, however, put way too much focus on the bad. Giving energy and life to the negative aspects of your day only leads to stress and anxiety.

This stone shows you that everything is alright and ensures that you’re always in control of your destiny.

Healing Properties & Benefits

Banded Agate is so much more than just a gorgeous stone. It’s said to hold strong vibrational energy and healing properties that can change your life in mysterious ways. 

Here are some ways that crystal practitioners believe Banded Agate influences your emotional, spiritual, and physical state.


Banded Agate shines most when dealing with your emotional health. As we mentioned earlier, the meaning and properties of this stone center around organizing the details of your life to help you focus on the things that matter most.

While doing that, Banded Agate can help you tune into your inner self. It can give you the power to dive deep into your emotional well and gain some more insight into your thoughts and aspirations.

That might seem simple enough, but many people bury and ignore emotions. It’s a coping mechanism that allows you to go about life without confronting your darkest demons.

The healing properties of Banded Agate help you do away with that behavior and give you the strength to look inward. No matter how painful that process is, getting in touch with your inner self can lead to a slew of benefits. This allows you to finally let go of the things that weigh you down. Not only that, but those confrontations grant you the power to learn from your mistakes and become a better person.

Banded Agate also helps you adopt a “go with the flow” attitude in the heat of the moment. Instead of harping on all of the negativity you encounter, you can let those bad situations slide right off you. 

Again, it all comes back to the act of organization. Those small instances of pain or frustration are nothing in the grand scheme of things. So, why devote any more of your energy to them?

The properties of Banded Agate show you the light and help you go about your day with a spring in your step.


Banded Agate warms the soul and encourages peace among anyone who holds it.

The crystal grants protection and stability at every turn. It also harmonizes yin and yang energy to achieve a balanced aura.

Many say that Banded Agate creates a direct line to the cosmos. Its healing properties promote spiritual exploration and help you draw whatever you need from the universe.Whether that’s wisdom or peace, Banded Agate delivers the goods to keep your spirit on the right track.
No matter what your belief system is, this stone encourages enlightenment. It helps you tap into the powerful and limitless forces of the universe to reach true nirvana. Getting to that point can be a lifelong journey for most, but Banded Agate helps you every step of the way.


Believe it or not, Banded Agate is a popular choice among those looking for physical healing, too. The stone is used by many with the intention of enhancing various biological processes to help achieve better health all around.

Crystal healers swear by the stone’s ability to influence your digestive health. It’s said to strengthen your intestines, allowing you to avoid issues like indigestion and constipation. Not only that, but some say it keeps you safe from poison, allergies, and more.

Many practitioners say that the blood vessels have a lot to gain from Banded Agate, too. When used regularly, healers think it enhances blood vessel elasticity while protecting your veins. Its healing properties are believed to help prevent varicose veins and other related issues.

Other organs might see a boost in efficiency as well. Banded Agate is often used to help fight abdominal pain, alleviates dental issues, and boosts pancreas health!

Metaphysical Properties

Like many strong healing crystals, the metaphysical properties of Banded Agate can have a profound impact on your life. This stone can influence the flow of energy throughout your body and trigger critical points along your auric field.

One of the most important jobs that Banded Agate is tasked with is assisting your root chakra. Also known as the base chakra, this energy point is the first of your seven primary chakras. In the world of metaphysical healing, it’s the entry point for Earth’s energy.

As a root chakra stone, Banded Agate allows energy to flow freely throughout your vessel. Unfortunately, fear and anxiety cause it to close off. Blocks result in a jarring sense of instability.

People say they begin to feel unsure of themselves and unhappy with their position in life. It creates a perpetual state of wandering that many are unable to escape.

With the help of Banded Agate, you can clear the kinks and let life force energy rush into your body.

Banded Agate also has some sway over the third eye chakra. It’s located between the eyes and acts as your seat of intuition, awareness, and spiritual connectedness.

An open third eye is the only way to achieve spiritual bliss, as it grants a brand-new perspective on life and the world around you. Banded Agate helps you cut the ties that bind so that your spirit is free to soar.

How To Use It

Using Banded Agate is easy. There are a variety of different (and effective) ways you can use it!

One of the best ways to incorporate its properties and meaning into your daily life is through jewelry or polished rocks. Thanks to its natural beauty, artisans utilize this form of Agate for everything from necklaces to bracelets.


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